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Wo-Welcome to February

A chunk of ice with sunset behind it

Very little ice on the lake as of February 1st.  (Photo by Fritz VW)

Black History Month  – We mentioned this book last summer,  but the audiobook was significantly better.  We felt appropriate for all ages, and a perfect way to honor the month.

Cover of the Book, Stamped

Below info and photo of 10 year old Angela Davis (highly spoken of in Stamped)  in her Girl Scout uniform.  We were happy to find this in our follow up research (needed because at least one of us was not familiar enough with her:)

From Wikipedia –  Angela Davis  – “Davis was involved in her church youth group as a child, and attended Sunday school regularly. She attributes much of her political involvement to her involvement with the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.”

Angela Davis at ten years old in her girl scout uniform

We still have some space available at Little Wohelo for 6-12-year-old campers. We are only running a full session at both camps. June 24th-August 12th.  Sebago Wohelo is full to the level we are comfortable running.  We have a few spots saved for diversity campers, extra  scholarship options also for both camps.

Join us for a monthly Wohelo gathering this coming February 28th, Sunday at 11am.  Heidi and Jennie had a good turnout this past week, with special guest star Jason Levasseur!  More details will be posted here before the event.

And we are looking for staff for the summer too.   Both new energy and returning staff, both camps.   The blessings of Hiiteni will be bestowed on all who help us in this quest.   PDF of flyer below.

A flyer advertising the 2021 season

We’re all looking forward to summer 2021.

Bernie Sanders added to a canoe at Wohelo

….and we guess this meme has been around longer than we knew.  Here usurping Davis (Holly said his madras pants were especially hard to work on photoshop:)  Dottie thinks it’s hilarious.

Bernie Sanders inserted in a Wohelo group photo


The sunset over the lake on 1-12-21


Sunset over the lake on 1-12-21


Sunset over the lake on 1-7-21

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