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Month: July 2014

Half Session Already?!

The Summer is flying by. Said Good-Byes and then Hellos this week to First and Second Half Campers. Half Session Performances at both camps were excellent. Holly David came to work with weavers and finish up some half session projects like the one below.   Above she is with the Gypsy Brew Crew during Council Fire with the Little Wohelo Goat – “Rookies”. Anne is having fun with the drone,  mini-video below also. Short Drone Video The Scow

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Fourth of July tow finally happened last week a short video with some drone photography.  Getting us warmed up to the video software….. The same wind that held up the tow has been great for sailing Our Sabre Scow was finally named after 40 years!  The “Karine” (pronounced Karina) was named to celebrate Karine Ingersoll’s 50th summer at Wohelo. Crooked River is still blocked by debris,  the camping trip headed to the Saco River for their adventure.  HUGE

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First Week 2014

We have been blessed with great weather the first week of camp. The lake feels great! Activities in full swing (new Genesis bows at Archery are a big hit) and the normal silliness. and dips on hot evenings.

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