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Month: February 2009

February at Wohelo

Happy February!  Welcome to the first group of you that are visiting because you got the “E-mail update”  telling you that we had a new posting.  If you didn’t and are interested in finding out just when we post new pictures, sign up at the link at the top of this page.  February 22nd snowstorm, windy and 2 feet of snow! Ice fishing is common on Sebago Lake but most people don’t make it all the

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Did you notice the new link at the top of this page? The one that says “get updates by e-mail?” If you click it, you can enter your email address and any day that we post something new here on the website, you’ll get a reminder in your inbox  to come check it out. How sweet is that? Tell your friends!

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More excitement at Sebago

We recently received this photo of Timanous Boy Tim Williams swimming in Sebago (Crow’s Breach at LW)  in January, the day before the lake froze over for good.   We have a healthy fox population in the area in the winter.  This red fox is using the snowshoe trail on the lake to go from Sebago Wohelo over towards Charlies house.  That is icy Sivad point to its left and the slide put away on Little

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100 year old camper

Barbara Durston Jones turns 100!  “Bobbi” Jones was at camp in the 1920’s along with her sister Jane Durston Groat and her cousin Ibby Gere Byrnes.  Ibby also celebrated her 100th in December.  Bobbie, Jane, and Ibby were campmates with Dottie Gulick.

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