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We offer two weeks of Family Camp after our regular season is over. Families stay in rustic cabins and do a variety of activities during the day including waterskiing, tennis, crafts, frog catching, archery, long-distance swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and nature walks.


This is an all inclusive vacation that includes one rustic cabin per family, relaxed activities during the day, and all meals. Most cabins have no electricity and the bathrooms are normally a short walk away. Activities for 6-12 year olds are held each day from 9:30 – 10:30 and include crafty projects as well as adventures and archery. Adults and children enjoy waterskiing twice a day, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, diving, swimming, and general lounging around on the beach and the playground. There is a very low key mixed doubles tennis match for adults that help for people to get to know each other and friendly competitions for the children as well. Wohelo Family Camp does have a family feel to it as we all eat together three meals a day and get to know each other through activities and socializing.

Wohelo family waterskier with child on shoulders
An aerial shot of family during family camp
Three family members at family camp at Wohelo

2022 Camp Info

Week One Dates

Saturday, August 13-20 

Week Two Dates

Saturday, August 20-27
Due to an almost 100% return rate we have few openings each summer. Presently Week Two has availability while Week One is more full.


The tuition for 2022 is $1200 per adult, $1100 for children 6-18 years old, and $525 for children 3-5 years old: no charge for those under 3 years of age. Deposits will be $250 per paying guest (ages 3 and up).

Online Registration

Please fill out our registration form if you have an interest in either week and we will get back to you about availability.

It is never too early to put your name in for any openings.

Please click for a Family Camp Brochure.