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What is Wohelo?

Wohelo Camps were founded by Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick and Charlotte Vetter Gulick in 1907, and there has been a tradition of family leadership ever since.


Wohelo is comprised of two girls’ residential camps – Little Wohelo (ages 6-12) and Sebago Wohelo(ages 12-16). 


The two camps are separated by 1/2 mile and each one has separate facilities.


The camps run different daily schedules and activities but come together on Sundays and for special occasions. Both camps share a common philosophy. Girls come to Wohelo for either a three and a half or a seven-week session. 

Wohelo swimmers cheering fellow swimmers
Wohelo Swimmers and sailors posing for a photo

What is the Camping Philosophy
of Wohelo?

At Wohelo we strive to create a rustic environment close to nature and away from the conveniences and complications of the modern world. Personal growth is a central focus and campers get their education through fun experiences. Wohelo is proud of its camper counselor ratio of 3.5:1. At Wohelo we strive to develop each camper as a better person and friend.

Wohelo is under the year-round directorship of the Van Winkle family. Davis and Louise Gulick Van Winkle directed the camps for over thirty years and have now passed the reins to their two children, Heidi and Mark and Mark’s wife, Quincy. The entire family enjoys outdoor pursuits and sports. At Wohelo the relationships between campers and directors are almost on a family basis. There are more than 5,000 alumnae.


The name Wohelo stands for Work, Health, and Love. It is within this framework that Wohelo strives to develop life long skills and friendships amongst its campers and counselors. A large part of the Wohelo experience is founded in over 100 years of tradition. Many campers are third and fourth generation and have grown up with stories of Wohelo lore.

Where is Wohelo?

Located on beautiful Sebago Lake in Raymond, Maine, Camp Wohelo sits on a mile of shorefront divided into three coves with two beaches and three islands. Urban amenities are available in Portland, ME – 45 minutes away and Boston, MA. – 3 hours away.

Our Senior Staff

Heidi (Van Winkle) Gorton, Director


Mark and Quincy Van Winkle, Directors

Jennie Walsh, Assistant Director

Davis and Louise Van Winkle, Directors Emeritus