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Little Wohelo

6-12 years old

Heidi Van Winkle Gorton – Director

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Little Wohelo adjoins Sebago Wohelo (“Big Camp”), but has a separate program with facilities specifically for younger girls.

Schedules at Little Wohelo change daily and the girls rotate through all the activity offerings.


afh_8840Swimming and Diving

Swimming is probably the most popular activity at camp with instructional swim five mornings a week and free swim every afternoon.

Little Wohelo runs the swim program from their large sandy beach and the H-Dock.



Sailing is popular at both camps.  Little Wohelo uses Sprite sailboats launched off the beach in the protected waters.   The boats will fit campers and a counselor or can be sailed by campers alone.   Sailing is incorporated into the awards system for all campers to enjoy.



dsc05479Canoeing / Kayaking

Summer Camp is the perfect place to learn to canoe.  A skill you will have for the rest of your life.

The equipment at Little Wohelo is appropriately sized for our campers.

Our ever growing fleet of Red kayaks is popular at both camps for learning and just cruising around.





Water Skiing/Tubing

Little Woheloites water ski right from the beach down from their swimming area.  Girls who are new to it can start out on the aquaplane and advance right through to slalom skiing.

Tubing is also offered during sign up activity time. img_2000img_2124


Puppets is a combination of crafts and performance. The group writes a play, makes the puppets for the play and then performs it for us on our Saturday night gathering.

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Three clay tennis courts for lessons as well as free time playing.



We encourage campers at both camps to bring their own instruments (we have pianos!) and play for us in the evenings.

Chorus is an optional activity offered for girls who would like to sing at  our Sunday morning gatherings.




Dance and Drama

Campers help create their own dance and drama performances for our Saturday evening gatherings.



Archery is very popular and only offered at Little Wohelo.


Nature / Campcraft

Nature involves all sorts of different skills:  working in the garden, learning to make a fire, helping take care of the camp farm animals, and learning the plants and animals around Wohelo.


Crafts vary every year and you never know what excitement will be happening in our craft house and out on the playground during free time.  Recently knitting has been very popular.afh_0189img_2149