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Month: February 2016

What happened to Winter at Wohelo?

Bare ground still and only the occasional snow flake this whole winter.  The lake should be warm this summer. Warm water will mesh well with our newest activity at Wohelo, Wake Surfing.   The “ZIP”, above,  our old Chris Craft,  moved into a museum last year and our replacement is a 23 foot wakesurfing boat (as yet to be named…..).  It is like waterskiing but the boat is going much slower and you surf on the

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February and still not much winter at Wohelo

A few snow storms this January but as of February 1st it has mostly melted away. All the coves are wide open, hardly any ice. Fritz found this piece of ice that looks like Maine Heidi and Mark just finished a whirlwind tour around the east coast with our gatherings.  We had a blast seeing everyone and thanks so much to all our wonderful hosts. Falmouth, ME Beverly, MA Atlanta, GA Philadelphia and Takoma Park, MD

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