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Month: July 2017

Mid-July at Wohelo

We think this is the 100th anniversary of “Hiiteni Lick-up”  a tradition that was started during the food conservation of World War 1.   Blueberry Pie is too good to leave any on the bottom of the plate! All Camp Sebago Wohelo Photo Between Pollywog songs and Count every week, we have new music all the time at Wohelo

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Almost Half Session!?!

A few things that happened this week. And the Baby Canoe trip and lots of activities Already thinking ABOUT 2018! Full Session – June 21st – August 9th First Session – June 21st – July 15th Second Session – July 16th – August 9th

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Second Week and 4th of July

Camp is cruising along, beautiful weather for the 4th of July. Performances on Saturday Night at Little Wohelo Custom Wohelo Shoes sent by a nice older sister:) There was some exciting weather around us that made the national news last week.   This waterspout was at the other end of Sebago Lake.  We were spared any major weather but we did get a couple downpours.

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