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Below are listed some items that we have currently in the camp store. We will try to keep this updated, but probably we will forget at times. Thank you for understanding. We have already paid taxes on these items and are passing them along to you at that cost.

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For Wohelo Uniform items please visit Maine Camp Outfitters at and use the Camp Store login of “wohelo”.

Contact us for details on shipping charges and order total. Then you can pay by check or PayPal.

Wohelo socks, face masks, buff/neckie, and swim cap

Wohelo socks, mask and swim cap

• Wohelo socks (sizes medium and large, $10)

• Wohelo face mask ($3)

• Wohelo buff/neckie ($10)

• Wohelo swim cap ($8) 

Wohelo Nalgene water bottle, Tervis, and Contigo insulated mug

• Wohelo Nalgene bottle ($10)

• Wohelo Tervis ($20)

• Wohelo Contigo insulated mug ($25)

Wohelo pint glass, rock glass, ceramic blue solo, and ceramic mug

Wohelo glasses and mugs

• Wohelo pint glass and rocks glass ($5)

• Wohelo ceramic blue Solo ($8)

• Wohelo ceramic mug ($15)

Wohelo insulated bag, red drawstring bag, beanie, visor, and bucket hat 

Wohelo bags and hats

• Wohelo insulated bag ($5)

• Wohelo red drawstring bag ($15)

• Wohelo beanie ($5)

• Wohelo visor ($16)

• Wohelo bucket hat ($20)

Wohelo brown ceramic mug, Aladdin insulated mug

Wohelo camp mugs

• Wohelo brown ceramic mug ($5)

• Wohelo Aladdin insulated mug ($5)

Wohelo small and large Seabags

• Wohelo small Seabag ($35)

• Wohelo large Seabag ($180)

Wohelo watercolor cards

Wohelo watercolor postcards

• Wohelo watercolor cards ($1)

Wohelo journals

• Wohelo blue journal ($2)

• Wohelo white spiral journal ($3)

• Hardcover Wohelo journal with pen ($4)

Wohelo postcards

Wohelo postcards
Wohelo postcards

• Wohelo postcards ($0.50)

Wohelo stickers

• Postcard of Wohelo stickers ($2)

• Wohelo full color and pull off letter stickers ($2)

• Wohelo bird large pull off stickers ($4)

• All other stickers ($1)

Wohelo pocket knife

Wohelo pocket knife

• Wohelo pocket knife

Wohelo magnet, popsocket, flashlights and Jibbitz

Wohelo swag

• Wohelo magnet ($3)

• Wohelo popsocket ($6) with clip ($9)

• Wohelo LED flashlight ($5)

• Wohelo wood and flashlight keychains ($3)

• Wohelo Jibbitz ($2.50)

Wohelo USB drive and pens

• Wohelo USB drive ($5)

• Wohelo pens ($1)

Wohelo Toothbrushes

Wohelo Toothbrushes

• Wohelo toothbrush ($1)

Wohelo LED light bar flashlight

• Wohelo LED light bar flashlight ($3)

Camp Wohelo Girls Are We 

Camp Wohelo Girls Are We book

Charlie Hewson’s wonderful photo books on the history of Wohelo ($20 each)

Wohelo songbook & songs

Wohelo songbook and CD

• Wohelo songbook with piano music ($5)

• Wohelo songs CD ($10)

Wohelo Down Through the Years

Wohelo Down Through the Years

Wohelo Down Through the Years Book ($20)

Wohelo Playing cards

• Wohelo blue embossed playing cards ($5)

• Wohelo photo playing cards ($3)

Wohelo Camp Towel

• Wohelo Camps lightweight towel ($20)

Wohelo tattoo, headband, ribbon, and pennant

Wohelo pennant and decal

• Wohelo temporary tattoo ($0.25)

• Wohelo skinny headband ($2)

• Wohelo ribbon ($1 per yard)

• Wohelo Pennant ($6)

Wohelo Onesie

Camp Wohelo onesie

Wohelo onesie (3-6 mo. or 6-12 mo.) ($15)

Wohelo computer bag

Wohelo computer bag ($25)

Wohelo pajama bottoms, notepad, and crank flashlight

• Wohelo PJ bottoms ($25)

• Wohelo notepad ($2)

• Wohelo crank flashlight ($3)

Wohelo bib

Wohelo baby bib

Wohelo bib ($10)

Wohelo Baseball Hat

Wohelo snapback baseball hat

Wohelo Snapback Hat ($15)

Wohelo Slim Leather Wallet

Wohelo slim Leather wallet

Wohelo Slim Leather Wallet ($15)

Wohelo cribbage board and cards

Wohelo cribbage board and cards

Wohelo cribbage board with two sets of playing cards ($40)

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