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Girls Camps in Raymond, Maine

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At Wohelo we strive to create a rustic environment close to nature and away from the conveniences and complications of the modern world. Personal growth is a central focus and campers get their education through fun experiences. Wohelo is proud of its camper counselor ratio of 3.5:1. At Wohelo we strive to develop each camper as a better person and friend.

Little Wohelo is for girls ages 6-12 and Sebago Wohelo is for girls 12-16 with the 16 year old summer as an invitational Counselor-In-Training summer. Our programs and facilities are completely independent and separated by about 1/2 mile. Both camps are waterfront on one of the most beautiful places on earth. Little Wohelo has more gentle grassy terrain such as their large playground as well as a huge sandy beach for swimming and boating. Sebago Wohelo is more wooded and has a spectacular rocky shoreline.

Wohelo Camps logo


“I can tell that the counselors work so well with my Hannah. Hannah used to love swimming but stopped after she met one very tough coach. It’s because of the patience and kindness of the camp staff that Hannah is able to love swimming again. I’m so grateful this camp has made her stronger. My purpose was accomplished. I believe that she will be very different after this, and she will grow so much from this experience. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you all for your support.” 

-Wohelo Parent

“I love Wohelo because of the wonderful friendships that I have made here and the immense amount of learning that I do every summer. At Wohelo I learn who I am, and at home is where I apply it.”
-Wohelo Counselor

“The scholarship Camp Wohelo granted to my daughter has changed her life.  She has been given the opportunity to participate in activities that she up until now, had only read about or seen on TV.”  
– Scholarship Parent


Fall at Wohelo

September started with a Wonderful Weekend of Wohelo Women!Photo Album – We have already planned the next one for Labor Day 2025 Then we

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September at Wohelo

See lots of videos from the summer at our Vimeo showcases Two great weeks of Family Camp and now we are getting ready for Wohelobration!

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August Update

A lot of hard work through the summer thus far in all the activities. 4th of July Tow may have been the most boats ever!

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