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Job Description

What would my job be? Where would I live?

Whether you work at Little or Sebago Wohelo, your job would include being a cabin counselor and also an activity director and/or an activity assistant. 

Counselors live in the rustic cabins with the campers. Bathrooms are a short walk away. Cabin Counselors comprise the majority of staff at camp. Depending on the size of the cabin there may be one or two counselors in a cabin. As a cabin counselor your responsibilities would be, though are not limited to: being a role model for the cabin, creating a cohesive cabin group through special cabin times, and keeping tabs on your campers through the day. Campers know their cabin counselors better than any other adults, and counselors are responsible for reporting on camper progress.

Activity Directors are chosen to manage their particular activities and possess the “big picture” regarding their areas of instruction. Activity directors are responsible for the teaching techniques of other counselors teaching within their activities. Counselors chosen to direct activities have previous teaching experience in that activity. All activity directors are also activity assistants in a variety of other activities.

Activity Assistants help support activity directors by teaching activities. Counselors teach in more than one activity throughout the day and can receive training in instruction from activity directors.

A counselor in the cabin with campers

What are the staff like? Are there many first-year

Wohelo is proud of its staff whether they are returning counselors or new to the Wohelo experience. Each year about 80% of the staff are returning counselors who help ensure the continuation of camp tradition. Returning counselors help the new counselors gain footing and provide support for counselors in new situations. First year counselors provide a fresh new outlook on camp activities as well as diversity and culture. Wohelo hires international counselors who are interested in a summer in America and come from countries such as Australia, England, New Zealand, and Ireland. The average age of counselors at Wohelo is 20 years old.

What Our Counselors Say

“I came to Wohelo to work in an environment where I’m comfortable and at peace, to do some things I don’t get a chance to do during the school year, and finally to relax and enjoy myself with a group of interesting and friendly women.”

What are the benefits of camp counseling?

Camp counseling is an excellent opportunity for you to explore your potential and gain experience as a leader, teacher, mentor and team player. Many employers recognize the responsibilities involved in summer camp counseling and the character benefits that can be gained. We hope that you view camp counseling as a positive step in your career future.


How long is the camp season? Do counselors have time off?

Wohelo requires an 8 week commitment from counselors. Counselors arrive a week early to get to know one another and learn skills in preparation for the upcoming season. Being a camp counselor is a round-the-clock job and doesn’t allow for a lot of private space. There are breaks during the day for staff, but counseling is still a demanding role emotionally and physically. Counseling will give you a view into the world of parenting.


With the exception of the first and last few days of camp counselors are encouraged to take one day off per week beginning at reveille. Counselors can also take three evenings off beginning after campers are in bed and ending at 1am. Time off allows counselors to enjoy the camp program and even work for the same honors as the campers, to recharge and to see the sites around Maine.

A counselor and three of her campers
Four campers posed on the rock coast.

Who are the campers at Wohelo?

As mentioned earlier, many of the campers at Wohelo come because their grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters have come to camp. Wohelo is a part of the development of young girls in these families. Wohelo campers for the most part want to be here and are motivated towards the activities and honors of camp. This doesn’t mean that no one has a day when they need a little boost from their friends and counselors. Some foreign girls come to camp to experience an American tradition and improve their English. Other campers who live in urban areas come to camp to experience the beauty and simple rustic living that camp offers. Often sisters come to camp together. Wohelo campers are fun and healthy campers to work with. Campers who enjoy a summer at Wohelo leave with higher self-esteem, a sense of competence and lots of new and old friends.