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Month: January 2010

Spring at Wohelo?

Wohelo had some nice snowstorms in January. Rick Dodson (Amanda’s dad) helped us keep our roads cleared with the Big Red Truck. One day it snowed over 8 inches.   Little Camp Beach below looked like perfect white sand if you squint and thought warm. The Van Winkles made a snow shelter and camped out in it last Thursday night. and then it rained.  This is Tuesday, 5 days later. Poor snowman.  Scene below is untouched – he melted exactly this way. 

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January Wohelo Update

Hello Woheloites,  Mid-winter chilly here at Sebago Lake but we are all getting excited for Summer 2010.   It looks like a great group of campers and counselors already signed up and more coming in every day.   See all the names at the Wohelo 2010 page. The first skim of ice on the lake this morning, January 14th.   Almost all the other lakes in Maine are frozen already but Sebago is about the last to freeze because it is so big.

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