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Month: June 2014

Pre-Camp Week 2014

We have had a great start to the summer this past week at Pre-Camp.  We can’t wait for the campers to arrive tommorow. The main goals of pre-camp are to get everyone up to speed on counselor skills and responsibilities.    Lifeguard review at the local pool. and emphasizing the WORK – in WoHeLo to get everything ready for tommorow. Of course we need to test the equipment also… Hiking up local peaks,  swimming at

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June at Wohelo

Mount Washington still has some snow on it, above photo from May 9th. Largescale version HERE Louise admiring Davis’ new purchase while returning with Lilacs from the Farmhouse.  We look forward to 20 more years with this Backhoe.  Imagine the things it will see.A  Tractor is one thing but the photo above shows a Wohelo resource that cannot be matched.  The group above (and a few who missed the photo) were here over Memorial Day Weekend and did

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