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Two weeks in!!

All is well at Wohelo two weeks in.  We all feel very lucky to be here.

Now we can have some photos without masks.   Love those smiles!!

Pat Conklin and Heidi and lots of staff have put together a Wohelo Awesome virtual experience for some of you that can’t join us, or just miss Wohelo.  Definitely worth checking out.
Website –
To sign up a camper for events –

The first meeting was a book club for Jessica Bancroft’s new book – Camp Lewa Girls Are We.  For sale on Amazon and signed copies available for alums at Wohelo (post COVID isolation).  Or listen to Heidi Gorton read it HERE

But you should still buy it to see the Laura Douglas Art within:)

The first ever Dual Birthday Mask Day in Wohelo’s 113 year history, and one a quinceanera!

We look forward to an all camp photo without masks.  but we couldn’t resist the opportunity this past Hitteni and Timanous Sunday.  Video of the limited event here –

If you watch one thing this week, we recommend this video of Cabin Lip Sync competition from Sunday night. Pure fun.

Jennie, (left in group of mask models below), is getting good use of her camera.  Photo above and the cover shot at Lewa, nice!

Anne is spending the summer at Pine Point at Little Wohelo, the “Dirty Camp”.  So we see her less.  She still took the all camp photo above and the photo below from her house.
So we guess she is a “dirty photographer”?

Our newest Wohelo Girls
Dottie, 8 weeks old, named for Dottie Gulick
Wilma, 12 weeks old, named for Wilma Jewett, the wife of Ossie (as in Ossie’s chicken BBQ).
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that we plan to keep year round and milk.
The goats are currently living in the repurposed Houseboat at Point.  They are sweet.

From the roof of the dining hall during Council Fire.

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