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September Ends at Wohelo


We hope many of you enjoyed the Supermoon/Eclipse viewing this past weekend.   Wouldn’t that have been cool if it was during camp!  Here the moon is setting the next morning.


And a Wohelo sunset from last week.


Final Frogs Frolic Fire Spirits from this past summer.  We will be sending out a USB tool with all the 2015 summer photos as well as videos later this month.

While you are thinking about the summer…. How about hosting a Wohelo Slide Show/Gathering at your house this winter?  A couple prospect families are well worth a visit, especially when we can connect with alums or camper families at the same time.  Please call or e-mail for more information.  Thank you!


Of course lots of us think about Wohelo all the time.  Like when Jess Bancroft made these Wohelo Bird cutting boards.  If you are interested in purchasing one contact her directly at –

Below Anne Hutchinson shows her welded Wohelo Bird that she made during “Free Time” at a MIG welding clinic that she and Mark went to last week.


Or Liz Lewis, who is doing a cool Archival Project.   She is taking lots of photos of Museum items like the Wohelo bird Teacups below.

Busy with Fall projects.  The Grass is taking really well at the Little Wohelo Playground and the guys have been working hard on the Sailcove.


Nature is cool.  The chipmunks and squirrels are all over the place this fall.  We assume this is why we have seen far more raptors right around Point.  One day last month a Hawk flew right by the window, Mark went out and took a few photos of it while it sat there, then it flew away.  Later review of the photos show a little addition to the branch.   The Hawk had caught a Chipmunk, then stashed it in the branch when we bothered it.  Don’t worry, we’ve got hundreds more where that came from.

IMG_3407-2 IMG_3408-2

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