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Sebago Lake welcomes May

May 1st celebrated May Day, Davis Van Winkle’s Birthday and EIGHT WEEKS UNTIL CAMP.


We can’t wait for everyone to get here.  We hope parents are working through the forms and information we need for the summer at their CampInTouch accounts.

Final Bills were sent last week.

Guess Who’s Turning 100!


Yes, that is a snake around her neck.

This May 16th,  Margaret  “Hop” Littell will be turning 100 years.  Born in 1914 she first came to Wohelo to Direct Dance in 1933.  She was at Wohelo as a Head Counselor, Dance Director and/or Assistant Director for the next 30 years until 1962.

Luther Halsey Gulick – “Timanous”, might attribute her fine health to “The Healthful Art of Dancing” (see last month’s post).

A big Happy Birthday from all of us at Wohelo.


April started off as a continuation of a long winter.  Solid Ice across Sebago

april 3rd

During April, the ice melted out in front of Camp first and the waterbirds were flocking to the small patches of open water.  Here a Kingfisher catches what must have been one of the first fish of the year.



The lake always rises quickly when the ice goes out and the snow melts.  This spring was particularly fast. Compare the same rock in above photo (April 13th)  to photo below taken May 1st.


Ice melted but winter wasn’t done.  One more snowstorm in mid-April.


Now it feels like summer is really on it’s way.


Spruce Up Weekend 2014 – May 24-26

Please R.S.V.P. if you are planning on coming to the Spruce Up Weekend this coming Memorial Day Weekend.  Starts with dinner on Friday night and work days on Saturday and Sunday.  Photo below from 2006, more photos at the yearbooks page –

We hope you can join us.  Please R.S.V.P.


Wohelo made it to the World Championships of the First Tech Challenge Robotics competition!

Well….our summer Photography, Technology and Inspirational Guru – Anne Hutchinson and her son Jack (middle with the blue wig) at least are bringing the Wohelo Bird to the Worlds. Notice the sticker on their robot.


Competition was last week and it looks like they did quite well.  These results from the website –  They are the Gear Ticks from Lincoln, MA.

Materials Science PhD Award

  • Team 6055, Gear Ticks, Lincoln, Massachusetts

PTC Design Award

  • Winner – 3486, Techno Warriors Advanced from Brandon, Mississippi
  • 3781, Westlake Pi-Rho-Maniacs from Austin, Texas
  • 4140, Fish in the Boat from Lakeview, Minnesota
  • 4251, Cougar Robotics Team from Columbus, Ohio
  • 5972, Patronum Bots from East Troy, Wisconsin
  • 6055, GearTicks from Lincoln, Massachusetts

Last minute entry of this three minute radio clip about Luther Halsey Gulick and basketball.

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