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Rolling towards Summer 2021

Huge thanks to our Spruce-Up crew for all their work on a chilly Memorial Day weekend.
Photo album of the event at our Albums Page.

WE STILL NEED STAFF. We would still hire cabin staff for this coming summer as of this week. Staffing issues throughout the camping industry and more. ALERT – Good Life is doing pre-made sandwiches only this summer and The Mosquito is having trouble finding scoopers!!!!

A group of Wohelo campers

We got four new sailboats at Little Wohelo for this summer. We will be selling some of our O’Day Sprite sailboats if you are interested!

You should have received the most recent Wohelo Bird in May. Alums – it is also available on-line at your Camp InTouch account. Here is the Camp Fire Appropriations Study that we reference within.

Charlie, Louise and Ellen after a spring cleaning during Spruce Up Weekend.

This summer we are happy to have Jossie Furniss, a cabin counselor who is working as an Archival Intern in the Museum this summer. (see staffing note above, we are willing to be flexible:) We look forward to it, especially as it was closed all last summer.
If you haven’t looked through the virtual museum – 
Check out “Photographed Artifacts”. Thanks to alum Liz Lewis who worked on this project.

That looks like a good place to be on a chilly morning!
These 4 chicks are being raised in the Sebago Wohelo sail cove. Below the whole family out for an evening paddle.

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