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Marching into Women’s History Month

Charlotte Vetter Gulick

We’ll celebrate our Women all year thank you very much.  But sure, let’s concentrate on them this month. We start with the woman who is by far the single most important person in our history.

Charlotte Vetter Gulick, 1865-1928  
The love she earned and gave with the Wohelo community is what we strive to continue.

Wohelo Schedule – Event Update

As of March 1st we are planning on the following:

Spruce up Vaccinated Weekend – May 29-31, 2021
Our first – #VWVWWVWV – VeryWackyVanWinkleWoheloVaccinatedWorkVacation
As of now, this is a vaccinated-only event. Wacky world huh?   But let’s get some of our alumni and friends back on the shores of Sebago…and pick up some of these leaves and branches that have been accumulating without your help! Please sign up with mark at as soon as you are considering it.

Full Summer Session Only – June 24th – August 12th
We are completely filled at Sebago Wohelo with a waitlist, but we still have a few spots at Little Wohelo. We are so looking forward to having a full camp of girls with us here together for the whole summer. We’re still looking for staff for both camps.  Staff Flyer below if you know of a good location.

Family Camp – August 14th-21st and August 21st-28th
We are moving forward with plans for family camp 2021. Call or e-mail the office for more information.
Or sign up here: 2021 Family Camp Registration

Wohelobration – September 3rd-6th
Take two! It’s going to be even better than it was going be:) If you are signed up from last year you are all set. If not sign up now! We have hopes that this can be open to non-vaccinated alums also if needed. (but get it when you can:)

Although no ice across the lake,  lots of ice chunks floating around all this month.
Although no ice across the lake,  lots of ice chunks floating around all this month.
Morning light on Mount Washington
Morning Light on Mount Washington – February 5th
Sunset February 25, 2021
Sunset February 25th

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