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July and one week in.

We had a great June which started with the arrival of our wonderful kitchen staff from Mexico. We are so glad they could make it!

June has become a whole month of training and preparing for the summer. We ran a lifeguarding class for many of our staff and lots of other preparations for activities and cleaning up around camp.

Pre-Camp is fun and a great time to bond, it is also hard work as our TG’s – Counselors In Training, express in this video that went viral on the interwebs. Almost 150 likes as of today!

Opening Day was super smooth again with our remote drop off. We thank all our parents for understanding our protocols this summer. We were so glad to welcome our campers!

Then right into activities by unit for this first week. We tested all non-vaccinated on Tuesday and had no COVID, Yea! Moving away from masking for the summer, especially outside like our “Pride BBQ” to end out the month this Wednesday.

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