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Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a great start to 2023.

Camp has bare ground going into the new year, but Mount Washington has been white for the month.

Don’t forget our reunions next month, below. Our registrations are strong for the full session this coming summer, so please don’t delay too long if you are considering signing up!

Wohelo Slide Shows 2023

Please join us and bring a friend!
Falmouth, ME – Thursday, January 19th – 6pm –  8pm 
Washington, DC – Friday, January 20th – 6-8pm
Devon, PA – Saturday, January 21st – 11-1pm
New York City, NY – Saturday, January 21st – 6-8pm 
Greenwich, CT – Sunday, January 22nd – 11am – 1pm 
Boston, MA – Saturday, January 28th – 10am
Aspen, CO – Friday, February 24th – 6-8pm

As you roll into 2023 maybe some of our wonderful Wohelo girls can guide you.
Above Donna and Norma at Your Phoenix is Rising –
“Providing personal empowerment and wellness services”

Sarah “Sal” Albert yoga teacher training in Maui
Sydney Doolittle – Ayurvedic Wellness porgram starts soon!

Sunsets – November 28th above, December 5th below.

December 27th above, 29th below

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