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Happy May Day

Wohelo welcomes May!  Things really get rolling around here this month.  Lew has already started back with Rick Dodson.  Here they are putting up a new wall for the upper court at Sebago Wohelo this week.

Davis and Louise are enjoying their first day back on Sebago today, his birthday:)
This is what he looks like.

The end of this month is our much needed Spruce Up Weekend.  We would love to have you join us for some bonding work experience and good food.   More info HERE

Wohelo Bird is coming out soon with lots of news.  Look for it in your mailbox.  We’ll have lots of photos by next month but this month it looks like we mostly have photos of ice melting.  We guess if you are going to watch ice melt, this is the place to do it.
We’ll start on April 7th below, the middle of the lake just started to melt and some water close to shore.

April 14th – Ice breaking up in front of Rookies Island.  Wind was trying to make a map of Sebago Lake with this opening, a good job with Raymond Cape:)

Moonset April 18th – just some roaming skims of ice

April 28th, the lake is back!

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