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Happy Holidays from Wohelo

Mount Washington from Wohelo,   November 29th 

Below- Ruthie, Fritz, Hannah, Colleen and Ellie with friends during a raking weekend this November. 

Congratulations to Dorothy Malkin who informed us of her wedding to Timanous boy Dave Keady (Dave Goldberg at Timanous) by sending us this graphic.  She is taking some graphic design classes at Parsons and did the design herself with Illustrator.  Clara Hallard Fawcett would be proud.

Mark did a 16 mile Standup Paddleboard trip from the northern end of Long Lake back to Wohelo to raise money for Loon Echo Land Trust –    Loon Echo Land Trust provides great local hiking trails on Bald Pate and Pleasant Mountain and also helps protects the watershed that feeds Sebago Lake.    A 4 hour trip and he didn’t see another person on the lakes the whole way.  

This fall the Rookies Island Dock (where Sebago Wohelo does waterskiing from) is getting some TLC from the same professionals that rebuilt Lewa dock last year.   We’ll get you a final photo once it’s done.

Camp History Moment – Luther Halsey Gulick was instrumental in the starting of formal playgrounds.   Read more here about a Gulick Park in New York City.  (this includes his New York Times obituary)

Dave Chidsey visited camp and took this photo of the silvershop (and bought the very first new long sleeved shirt)


New shirts for sale directly from Wohelo.   They are Womens – American Apparel – 100% cotton shirts.  The sizing is VERY small, the XL is smaller than the Medium of the Unisex.   Photo below Quincy has XL, Ellie has a Small and Fritz is holding a size 6.     For these items and those below, please e-mail requests for a total with shipping.  


Above – Various Camp Store Items.  That’s $6 for the batch of cards, not 46.  
Below – Watercolor cards by alum Patsy Compton.   $1 each with envelope. 

Louisville Stoneware – 100th Summer mugs.  $15 each.  E-mail for shipping options.

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