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Halfway through the summer of COVID

At three weeks in we are considering ourselves one big family and masks are only needed in a few instances.   Activities are back to normal schedule and we had a busy week!  Cover photo from the Baby 5 mile paddle.  Photo below one of our first meals together,  it was wonderful to be in the dining hall and see peoples faces.  Still no singing inside,  but a group goes outside to sign grace.

One of the highlights was definitely the WOVID Regatta, a Wohelo only event involving almost everyone.  Pulled together by our creative staff.  Lots of sailors this summer,  we had more boats than the past 5 intercamp regattas!

Skelly made a special paddle for the wall and the winning team got their names painted on the back.

First ordinaries of the summer.

Also lots of activities at the Bee Hive.  Many cookouts this week.

Parents, if you haven’t seen the cabin photos yet at Camp InTouch, do visit.  Anne has outdone herself again.

See you next week

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