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Getting Ready for Summer

A busy month with an Alumnae wedding and a big group for Spruce up Weekend.  It is really starting to feel like the campers should be here soon.  We can’t wait to see everyone.

Whitney Anderson (Little Wohelo 1989-1990, Sebago Wohelo 1995 and 2000) , daughter of Lyn Flather Anderson, 1966-1975 and 1989-1990, was married at Wohelo this month.  They did a tremendous job of preparing for the wedding and it was such fun to see the love for Wohelo come out in many parts of their weekend.

Caroline Newcomb,  (Little Wohelo 90,91; Sebago Wohelo 92-95, and 2000-2001) came the next weekend for a photo shoot for Quoddy Moccasins where she works.  Jen (Murray) Talmadge (Little Wohelo 1991, Sebago Wohelo 1992-1993, 2000-2002), Quincy and Mark were part of the evening photo shoot,  a lobster cookout at Little Wohelo beach.

The month finished off with an All Star Spruce Up crew coming in for a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend.  Everyone worked hard at their jobs over the weekend and we got TONS done.  Upper 80’s on Saturday and  we had enough free time for lots of swimming, wakeboarding and using the new Wakesurf Boat.  Camp looks REALLY nice this week.   Thanks to everyone.
2016SpruceUpOn a sad note we lost one of Wohelo’s greats this past month. Heather Turner Frazer passed away on May 15th in Ocean Ridge, Florida.  As you can see from her years at camp below she was a part of Wohelo for many years and she was wonderful through all of them.   We can’t think of a nicer and more cheerful person and we are all glad we were able to spend our time with her.
Heather Turner Frazer
Little Wohelo 1948-1952
Sebago Wohelo (Dancer)  1953-1956
Sebago Wohelo TG and Staff 1957-1961
Sebago Wohelo Senior Staff -1965
Director of Family Camp – 1972…..forever in inspiration.


Heather with her 1960 Head Counselor group above and again at Sebago Wohelo in 1964 below


Below at the 100th Summer Reunion at Wohelo


NURSE THIS SUMMER – Speaking of special people at Wohelo.  A recent cancellation has left us in need of a nurse for the summer.  Our head nurse Kathy and the rest of the nursing staff are great to work with.  If you are interested or know of someone who may be, please contact us!

Property for sale on Sebago Lake –  Heidi has a piece of property nearby camp with water access.  Contact her at


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