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February is here

A huge thank you to all our wonderful hosts and attendees at the gatherings this past month. A great turnout at all six events. We are getting so excited for the summer. Last events Denver, February 24th 6-8pm and Aspen TBD but either the day before or after.

We are already planning for our next Wohelo Bird newletter this Spring. We have a NEW ONLINE NEWS SUBMISSION FORMHERE (or link at the Alumnea Page). We hope you will use it to send us your news and/or photos like this Wohelo girl shot at Margaret Coons wedding. Thank you!

Mark and Reed attended the Maine Summer Camps Winter Workshop in late January to hear from Tracey Gaslin and John Hamilton of the Association for Camp Health and Bob Ditter, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in child, adolescent, and family therapy. The workshop included information on how to support the mental, emotional, and social health of campers and staff that we engage in our programs, and planning for a safe and healthy summer.  (and they won hats from Outdoor Leaders and Trainers of America in the Raffle!:)

Our continuing efforts to asess cultural appropriation includes a review of every term we use at camp. A recent exploration into cabin name origins found exciting information about the probable inspiration behind the name of Sebago Wohelo’s cabin, Niebelungen. The Nibelungenlied, “The Song of the Nibelungs,” was a poem written around the year 1200 in Germany. It tells the story of the fate of a person who gives in to deception and vengeance.  As per the cabin sign, we have recognized this “underworld” connection. The cabin is below Spiders cabin (representing earth) and topped by Saint Peter’s cabin (representing the Heavens.) “Neibs” has one of the most spectacular views at camp, looking out at the the side of Heavenly Rocks and the swim lanes.

1916 (or before) photo of Neibelungen and Spiders, called by those names then but referred to as “Tent Platforms”, the triple cabin was built in the same location. Rookies Island in distance.

The lake doesn’t have any ice on it yet. It’s getting colder this month though.

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