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Fall has arrived at Wohelo

As the leaves are starting to change at Wohelo we are thinking ahead to 2021. Sivad Point on October 1st above.

Based on our success this past summer we are planning for a 7-week session and are registering at Sebago AND Little Wohelo – full session campers only. If we are able to make this model work financially we know it is a recipe for success both from health and camp perspectives. We will review our options this November. Please keep in touch with us with any questions.

Camper Application

The trees are starting to match the houseboat. 

Much unsung hard work from Davis, Rick and Lew this fall on Boulders dock.  They would start each morning towing this “work dock” out to the cove.  Then lug the raft, usually filled with rocks and  wood, back and forth during the day.  Felt like a fishing village here for a few weeks.

It was supposed to be just a new deck,  but they had to go down several feet into the structure to make it look this good.  Thanks to models – Wilma, Dottie and Ellie

Two September frogs looking forward to some Little Wohelo campers in 2021!

Thanks to Quincy and Fritz for the photos

Slightly crooked sunset from last night above and a full MOONSET below this morning.  Both set in the same place which seemed really cool….     But maybe it is like that all the time?  Research started…..

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