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Karine Ingersoll

Karine Ingersoll 1939-2019

Karine joined Wohelo in 1966 and spent more than 50 summers with us.  She is as much a part of Wohelo as any one person could be.  She passed away in October after spending a last summer as Director Of Paddle Painting at Sebago Wohelo.
We will have a remembrance during the upcoming Alumnae Reunion this coming Labor Day weekend.  Please note – “Karine” on any donation check you would like associated with her, thank you.

Karine first came to Wohelo in 1966 to join her husband Ing, who had been a Timanous camper in 1941-1943, Sebago Wohelo “General Helper and Boats” 1944-1947 and then returned to run Weaving and then Silverwork starting in 1963.  Ing came to camp through Robert Kiputh (Director of Timanous one summer)  and is shown here with his son “Kip” DeLaney Kiputh at their spot on Releve steps to watch council fire.

Karine was Tiny Wohelo counselor for her first two summers.

She then moved to Paddle Painting in 1968 where she spent LOTS of summers.

In the 80’s she moved to Little Wohelo crafts.  Remember that great sun painting in Owls!

And then moved into her next era, as Sailing Director at Little Wohelo.

A pause to remember the time those of us lucky enough to sail with her had………..

usually staying through Family Camp too with lots of memories there.

The chief Blue Heron prepper, Karine helped many a young girl down to the Frog’s Frolic circle.


and a good friend to so many people.

These are some notes from Facebook pages of her daughters, Christina and Annmari Ingersoll

Jennifer Crystal – Camp Wohelo lost a legend today. Karine Ingersoll was a role model whom I had the privilege of learning from as both a camper and a counselor. She understood the needs of different children, recognized different learning styles, and encouraged everyone to rise to the occasion. She taught me that there is reason behind all behavior, that everyone can learn and everyone has something to offer, and that at the most basic level, kids need love, security and fun. 

Liza McKinley – I’m more grateful than I can say that I was a camper assistant for your mom in paddle painting and that we remained friends all these years. I am who I am because of her.

Kim Anglin Anderson – The gift of her heart, time, attentiveness,  and tutelage for literally thousands of us is simply breathtaking.

Janet Moller – Your mom was pure joy and to teach sailing alongside her was a blessing and an honor.

Sarah Hodges- Just amazing to think about how many lives both your mom and dad touched.

Mary Griffin – Lit a candle for Karine tonight when I volunteered at our Center for Grieving Children. So very sad but also thankful that she was a friend for so many years at WOHELO and Family Camp.

Catharine David – Your mom will be missed by so many who loved her… Was thinking of sailing with her the other day – a last beautiful memory.

Becky Wheeler – That’s beautiful, Christina – it completely fits the woman I knew – she will forever be part of what Wohelo means to me.

Molly Henahan Vianney – Karine was an inspirational teacher, excellent mentor, and a dear friend to so many.

Pam Mulene Synk – What a lovely tribute to your mom. Spending time with her was one of the best parts of my Maine summers.  She made you feel that she was delighted to see you. What a gift that was. 

Tamar Snyder Stanley – Your mom was the best. She will be missed greatly.

Anne Jarvis Collins -She was never one to “let the dust settle”. She was always on the go.

Beth Penrose – There has never been a time when I did not have Karine Ingersoll in my life, even if I only saw her during the summer. On more than one occasion she actually told me the story of my dad eagerly telling her that my mom was pregnant with me, which made her laugh. I remember singing camp songs and Frere Jacques with her on the porch at the lake house when she would come over for tea in the evenings when I was little. She was a familiar face when I started at Wohelo, teaching me how to sail and reminding me of my table manners. I still can’t stand to separate the salt and pepper. I also had the wonderful experience of working by her side as I grew older. We’d chat in Paddle Painting and at meals, plus still more evenings over at the lake house. She was fantastic at identifying girls who needed some extra encouragement. It’s no exaggeration to say that for over 50 years she quietly changed the lives of Wo girls. As the song goes, “Wohelo would be lost without her expertise”. We will surely miss you, Karine. 


Other short notes:

The end of an era,

What a legend at Wo

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