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Karine Ingersoll

Karine Ingersoll 1939-2019

Karine joined Wohelo in 1966 and spent more than 50 summers with us.  She is as much a part of Wohelo as any one person could be.  She passed away in October after spending a last summer as Director Of Paddle Painting at Sebago Wohelo.

Karine first came to Wohelo in 1966 to join her husband Ing, who had been a Timanous camper in 1941-1943, Sebago Wohelo “General Helper and Boats” 1944-1947 and then returned to run Weaving and then Silverwork starting in 1963.  Ing came to camp through Robert Kiputh (Director of Timanous one summer)  and is shown here with his son “Kip” DeLaney Kiputh at their spot on Releve steps to watch council fire.

Karine was Tiny Wohelo counselor for her first two summers.

She then moved to Paddle Painting in 1968 where she spent LOTS of summers.

In the 80’s she moved to Little Wohelo crafts.  Remember that great sun painting in Owls!

And then moved into her next era, as Sailing Director at Little Wohelo.

A pause to remember the time those of us lucky enough to sail with her had………..

usually staying through Family Camp too with lots of memories there.

The chief Blue Heron prepper, Karine helped many a young girl down to the Frog’s Frolic circle.


and a good friend to so many people.