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Camp Songs

We have sheet music for Little Wohelo Songs  HERE –  Little Wohelo Songbook
Camp CD songs listed below.
Both items available in the Camp Store.

When I was a Little Girl

We Are The Little Camp

The Cabin’s Brown

Camp Wohelo Girls Are We

Just Like A Candle

I’d Rather Be Me

Wohelo Is The Best Around

There Is A Camp

They Say

Rookie’s Song

Year After Year

Jewel Song

Good Night Song

Suit Of Blue

Hiiteni Built A Shack

Take A Plunge

Summer’s Come

I’m Going Back

In 1907

Mmm, Mmm, I’d Like To Linger

Now That The Light Has Faded

Burn Fire Burn

Now To Wohelo Council We Come

We Are Five Strong Crews

He Hath Weld A Symbol

We Are Five Strong Crews Together

Out On The Lake

Oh When We All Come Back

Another Summer At Wo

We’re Happy When We’re Sailing

Summer’s Always Fly