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Typical Day

A Typical Day at Little Wohelo

7:15am – Wake up bells rings

Counselors wake up with their campers. Campers and counselors can choose to join our morning dip group that jumps in the lake before breakfast or they may get dressed and ready for breakfast.

7:40am – 8:40ish – breakfast and announcements

Counselors are responsible for making sure all of their campers get to breakfast on time. We sit family style, not necessarily with your cabin campers, with four counselors to a table and about ten campers.

The daily schedule is posted for both campers and counselors and can be viewed before or after breakfast

8:40ish – 9:00 – Cabin Clean Up

Counselors go back to their cabins and help campers learn to work together to clean cabin, empty trash, sweep, make beds, tidy area, and get prepared for first activity.

9:00am – 12:00 noon – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period activities

Campers travel around with their activity group of 10-12 campers to three one hour-long activity periods. One of these activities is always swim lessons while the other two vary from day to day. Counselors teach a variety of activities which change from day to day and don’t necessarily correlate with the activities of their cabin campers.

12:00 noon – 12:50pm –Cabin time, BT duty

This is a time when campers and counselors head back to their cabin for cabin time. Ideas for cabin time might include tag, frisbee, reading on the playground together, a walk through the woods, playing cards, telling stories about the morning, playing tennis, or celebrating a birthday within the cabin.

BT duty refers to the duty of cleaning the bathrooms which is a duty that rotates from cabin to cabin. This is a way to show that we are responsible for ourselves and we are able to work together to wash sinks, sweep floors, and replenish bathroom supplies.

1:00pm – 1:45pm – Lunch and announcements

Counselors are in charge of making sure that all cabin campers come to lunch on time. We sit family style for lunch, which is our main meal of the day. There is always a salad bar and a hot meal such as spaghetti, chicken, tacos, mac and cheese, or pizza.

1:50pm – 3:00pm – Rest Hour

Counselors and campers go back to their cabin and enjoy a quiet time when it is quiet enough for people to sleep if they desire. Popular rest time activities include sleeping (especially for counselors), writing letters, reading books, or playing solitaire. Campers are on their own bed so as to keep the cabin quiet during this time and allow for time to regain energy for a busy afternoon.

3:00pm – 5:00pm – 4th and 5th period activities

Campers have two more one hour-long activities, one of which is free swim (swimming for fun with friends) and the other is a different activity that changes day to day. On Thursdays and Sundays campers get to sign up for afternoon activities.

Since counselors teach four out of the five activities during the day, one of the five activity periods is a free period during which you can exercise, join in on another camp activity (i.e. go sailing or canoeing with an activity group) read, make a phone call, shower, etc.

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Mail time, Store open, Free choice

Campers come to the office to check for any mail that might have come in for them that day. This is also a time when our camp store is open for those who need incidentals such as tooth brushes, soap, stationary, etc.

Counselors who are signed up for free choice duty (usually twice a week) are in charge of either offering a 5-6pm activity or roaming around to each cabin to make sure that campers are engaged and playing safely. Free choice activities that have been offered by counselors in the past include knitting, poetry writing, bracelet making, hair braiding, nature crafts, soccer, playground games, and story telling.

This is also a time for campers who are interested in participating in team sports (tennis, archery, and swimming) to meet with their team once a week to practice. Counselors who are in charge of team practices will be running these activities. If you are not signed up for free choice or team practice, you are free to use this time to yourself, hang out on the playground, catch up with your campers in an informal way, read a book in your cabin, or catch up with other counselors.

6:00pm – 6:45pm – Buffet supper

Cabins rotate supper duty and are in charge of setting up supper with the guidance of our kitchen staff (duty starts at 5:00pm and ends at around 7:15pm).

Campers and counselors get their supper on plates and eat on the playground in a very informal manner.

7:30pm – Assembly or games

All campers and counselors gather together to end the day either in all-camp games (Wednesdays) or an all-camp assembly (songs, stories, musical talent). This is a time to settle down before getting ready for bed.

8:00pm – 8:30pm –Getting ready for bed

Counselors are responsible for making sure campers are getting to the bathrooms, brushing their teeth, getting into pajamas, and settling into bed. If campers are ready in time, counselors can read books to the cabin as a whole before the taps bell rings (this is a great way to unite as well as help with feelings of missing home).

8:30pm – Taps bell rings

Campers should be in bed and can read a book or write letters according to the cabin guidelines of each cabin (which are usually made during the first day or two of camp as a group). Counselors have three nights out a week which start after the campers are settled into bed and the head counselor has come into the cabin to do check in.

Extra Information

Each counselor gets one day off a week totaling five full days off or four full days and two half days. Days off start after the wake up bell and are usually combined with a night off.

Counselors need to be back in camp at a reasonable hour so that they are able to function at 100% the following day.

Transportation is either provided by other counselor friends whom you are taking time off with or by camp if you have organized a group and asked for transportation. Camp is happy to provide transportation to groups of counselors who have organized a group and have an idea of where they’d like to go (i.e. Portland, shopping mall, beach, hiking).

Counselors are also encouraged to use our canoes or kayaks to spend a day out on one of our islands sunbathing and swimming or go to our older girls’ camp and do a fine art project in silver craft or wood painting. During the day counselors get one activity period free and on the days you are not signed up for free choice duty (5-7pm) you are welcome to use this as free time if needed.