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Sixth Week at Wohelo

2013 Wohelo Final Events
Sunday, August 4th
Sunday Musical Sivad – Sebago Wohelo– 11 am
Sebago Wohelo Drama performance at 7pm
Monday August 5th
Sebago Wohelo Dance Recital  – 10:30 am
Sebago Wohelo Craft Show following
Monday afternoon -Sebago Wohelo Camper meeting 3-5pm
Sebago Wohelo  Parents Supper – 6:00pm
Grand Council Fire – 7:00pm
Tuesday, August 6th
Sebago Wohelo Watersports Day – 10:30am Thrones and Swimming , 3:30pm Canoe exhibitions
Little Wohelo Performances and Craft Show – 5:00pm
Little Wohelo Parents Supper – 6:00pm
Little Wohelo Frogs Frolic – 7:00pm
Wednesday, August 7th
Timanous Watersports Day
Camper Banquet – 11-2 campers only
Closing Camp Ceremonies – 7:00pm – campers only
Thursday, August 8th
Camper Pickup by 10:00am

Wohelo 2014 Dates
Full Session – June 26th –  August 14th
First Session – June 26st –   July 20th
Second Session – July 21st –  August 14th
Peep Week 1 – July 21st – July 27th (7-8 years old)
Peep Week 2 – July 28th – August 3rd (7-8 years old)


First Place in the Wohelo Regatta this summer.  The first time we have had the Regatta using 420’s instead of the Tech dinghies.

Casco Day Road Racers from this past weekend.

Below may be a link to the Timanous Crows Cabin performing this past Council Fire.  If this link doesn’t work or you want to see more videos visit us at the Wohelo facebook page. Wohelo Facebook

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