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One week into camp

An incredibly smooth check in day thanks to tons of preparation and a wonderful group of parents arriving like clockwork with all paperwork and expectations in line.  Thank you!
We had a day to learn a little about activities and new protocols and it was the 4th of July.

With only 1/3 as many campers as usual we had the whole camp in the tow for the first time in memory.  Migis Lodge was happy to see us.

4th of July Slip and Slide was deemed a maskless activity by our safety board.  Yay!  The sliders face masks were carried to the end of the slide on a 6 foot sanitized stick.  We are getting good at working things out.

Traditions continuing at Wohelo.  The founders great-great-granddaughter cooking Ossie Jewett’s famous chicken BBQ

Learning new skills,  another continuing tradition.

Part of our ability to run this summer included a plan for our staffs boys who usually go to Timanous and Agawam.   They arrived on June 18th and are spending the summer at Little Wohelo and on adventures.  We have brought back the name White Mountain Camp for them.   Here with their fearless leaders Sal and Kyle.

Campers and staff have adapted to masks and other new systems far easier than we had anticipated.  They will be ready for new school policies in the fall.
We do look forward to less mask wearing in the coming weeks though as our isolation continues.

The Houseboat has been reluctant to move over to Little Wohelo so is spending these first weeks in the sailcove.  It is a popular activity for cabin overnight and rest hour stays.

Monday Night

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