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Marching towards summer 2020

We have had all sorts of weather this month, this was the snowiest morning.

The lake had perfect ice on it for one day,  way too thin for skating but pretty.   The fox below seemed to be on impossibly thin ice in this photo off Rookies Island.

Did you hear we are building a new houseboat?  Model below.

The base is being built of aluminum at Winninghoff boats.

and we definitely have to finish it by the summer, because the old houseboat has been re purposed.

Lots of icy waves this month.

Photo below misses the other 4 Bald Eagles that were fighting for the fish carcass that this Golden Eagle swooped in to grab.  This is 100 feet from the Chalet porch, on broken moving ice like the icy waves photo above.

A Wohelo we step up from silver lining to gold.

Davis said always end with a sunset.

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