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June is here!

We can’t wait for everyone to arrive this month.  Spruce Up Weekend on Memorial Day  was a huge success,  and included lots of labor and play time.  Camp looked much improved by all their hard work.

We got a kick out of the fact that while the whole Murray family cooked for us at Little Wohelo, 2019 James Beard Award Winner (and camp parent) Rob Tod and his stalwart crew returned for another year to clean Tammy’s  Sebago Wohelo kitchen.

And during the same weekend there was a good turnout of Wo-girls for Natalie Dapas wedding. Bailey McWilliams, Renee Geary, Jen Brannan, Natalie and her husband Matt Jacobs, Margaret Coons, Alexia Civit, Connie Cross

A little history moment about our Chicken BBQ brought up by this posting-

You can see that their recipe is almost identical to ours, written on Birch Bark in the Little Wohelo kitchen.

Halsey Gulick first tasted this chicken recipe at the Maine State Fair in the mid 1950’s.  He then had our chicken grill made and adopted the recipe and cooking technique as a camp staple.  Below is Halsey cooking on the grill  the first year we had it, 1957.

Many of us think of it as “Ossie’s Chicken” as Ossie Jewett made it for much of the time.

Below is Halsey cooking steaks. Davis in back learning the cooking ropes.  Louise, due with Mark the coming October, 1968.  Steve Fricker laying the meat out.

The application of the sauce and turning the racks are a big part of the fun.  1959

We have settled on the watering pitcher, 1995.

Looking forward to having it this summer:)

Sunset May 2nd

Sunset May 16th

Sunset during Spruce Up, 5/26/19

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