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It’s November on Sebago Lake

This cool L.L. Bean Toilet kit is our early registration gift this year.   Be sure you are signed up before Thanksgiving to recieve one!   Lots of people signed up already, see list at – 

It has been a beautiful fall at Wohelo.  Good weather for maintainance.  Rick and Rick below enjoying a boat ride to check waterline.

We usually don’t encourage hole digging this big at the Little Wohelo beach, but we had some repairs to do.

Ellie below testing out the new keels that Davis is installing on our wonderful, new,  “slippery” canoes at Little Wohelo. 

 Her verdict  –  “It goes straighter!”

Below,  a beautiful new silver pin that Anne Hutchinson designed this past summer.   It is the new Gypsy Queen award and was recently sent to the 8 girls that earned that award this summer (maybe the largest group ever?).  The Map of Sebago Lake, surrounded by a circle (like the trip they took around the lake) and the Horse design from the Gypsy award in the center.
This silver pin is available to purchase for past Gypsy Queens ONLY for $30.

More history— the photo below recently turned up.  This is a REALLY old Indian canoe photographed on Boulder Beach in the 1960’s.  That summer an Archeologist who was at Wohelo for the summer (David Switzer) found it in the water behind Rookies Island.   It was moved into a musuem and we don’t know much about it,  but pretty cool to think of Indians canoing in Sebago Lake that long ago. 

Many of you have heard the story of when Wohelo started and Hiiteni and Timanous bought a very small piece of property (Sunset Rocks and the area from the dining hall to Lewa cabin).   As Wohelo was only accessible by ferry boat or horse they had to build a ramp to get the trunks from the ferry boat up to camp.   This photo from 1917 shows the original ‘Bungalow” as well as the ramp and ferry dock. 

Other notes- –

Camp parent Kate Margolese has started a camping blog.  It is not specific to Wohelo but has generally helpful information about summer camp.   Recent topic was using your camp uniform as a Halloween costume – good idea!

Luther Halsey Gulick – Timanous in Basketball Hall of Fame

Sunset Ending- a couple good ones from this fall

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