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Wohelo Giving

Thank you for considering a donation to Wohelo.  Each summer we offer partial and limited full scholarships to children of alumnae and to families for whom camp would not be possible.  Our scholarship campers arrive full of appreciation for their opportunity and ready to dive into the Wohelo experience; their diversity brings a rich and valuable dimension to the Wohelo community.  Thank you for giving the gift of camp.

“The scholarship Camp Wohelo granted to my daughter has changed her life.  She has been given the opportunity to participate in activities that she up until now, had only read about or seen on TV.”  Scholarship Parent

Tax Deductible Giving for Wohelo Camperships

American Camp Association (ACA) 501 (c) (3):  A contribution payable to ACA can be designated to the Wohelo Campership Fund.  All contributions (less a 7.5% managing fee to ACA) are awarded to Wohelo campers who have requested financial assistance and have been reviewed by Wohelo.  Stock transfers and corporate matching are acceptable methods of contributing to the campership fund.

Checks payable to: American Camp Association, Wohelo Campership Fund in the memo

Non Tax Deductible Giving

Wohelo Endowment: Non designated funds donated to Wohelo go into the Wohelo Endowment.  This fund was started 20 years ago in memory of Ted Perrine and 10% of the annual profits go towards Wohelo scholarships and camp improvements.  This fund helps insure the future of Wohelo.

Checks payable to: Wohelo Endowment Fund

General Donations: Over the years Wohelo has graciously accepted gifts specified for a specific project.  For example such gifts have been a Steinway piano, war canoe, ping pong table for Family Camp, and a basket ball hoop for Sebago Wohelo.  Please contact Wohelo to discuss your possible donation.

Questions: Please don’t hesitate to contact Wohelo

Interested in applying for a Wohelo Campership?  Please submit a completed registration card along with the Wohelo Scholarship Application (Scholarship Application Link) and your most recent tax statement.  Questions, please contact Wohelo.