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Sebago Wohelo Pre-camp

Summer has started! This Pre-camp posting is probably the last for the summer. We’ll be posting new photos at the Summer 2010 photo page from now on.


Happy June

Summer 2010 is almost here! This large group of Geese was trying to move into camp before you all arrive.  (They were a little upset that with all our bird names there was not a Goose Cabin to be found.) COOL FACTS –  as usual,  this summer we will have lots of campers whose mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and now great-great grandmothers attended Wohelo. 106 generation campers this summer, 40% of the camp had a direct descendent attend before them. 24 (12%) are 3rd generation or more.


Warm April in Maine

This April has felt like summer (then it snowed the day we posted this announcement). Click the blue link above to see photos at the website.