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Camp Videos

2019 Videos
All performance videos can be watched right from Vimeo.
Little Wohelo Weekly Performances
Sebago Wohelo  Dance and Drama Performances

New videos from camp parent  Chris Hanson –

This video has clips from the past few summers, but was just completed.

The last of Chris’s 2019 videos is set to the recording of Sebago Wohelo Chorus singing – The Weight by The Band

Staff Member Lil Dixon’s summer video.
Celia Grace Lacey’s video finishes off our 2019 collection.  Thanks!

Our official promotional video

2018 Videos –
Little Wohelo 2018 Performances are at a Vimeo Album here –

Sebago Wohelo Dance, Drama and Watersports Day Videos also at Vimeo –

Lil Wo Archery 2018 4 from Wohelo Camps on Vimeo.

Paddle Painting from Wohelo Camps on Vimeo.

Wohelo Crafts: Weaving from Wohelo Camps on Vimeo.

Wohelo Crafts: Glass Beading from Wohelo Camps on Vimeo.

2018 Wohelo Open – Tennis Tourney from Wohelo Camps on Vimeo.

2017 Videos – see them all at Vimeo or Youtube LINKS  in upper right corner.

Timelapse Scenes – Alexa Smith

Little Wohelo 2016 – by Chris Hanson

Sebago Wohelo 2016 – Chris Hanson

Both camps, emphasizing the watersports.  Made by camp parent Chris Hanson

Sebago Wohelo 2016 – by Staff Alexa Smith

Sebago Wohelo Dance Final Performance

Sebago Wohelo Final Drama Performance – The Sound of Music

Other Videos” Page…Silly, Historical and Sites

2015 – “Rather Be” – Summer Video by Anne Hutchinson (Go full screen!)

2015 – Summer Video by Alexa Smith

2015 – Timelapse Series by Alexa Smith

2015 – Dance

2015 – Drama

2015 –  4th of July Tow

2015 – 4th of July Dip

Our past DVD (still have a couple VHS tapes around here too) Filmed in the late 90’s

Short Camp Video filmed Summer 2014

Little Camp – Summer 2014

Sebago Wohelo Arts

Sebago Wohelo Activities 2014

Sebago Wohelo Tow – 2014

Sebago Wohelo Summer Video 2014 – Happy

Sebago Wohelo Summer Video 2012 – Call Me Maybe