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Camp Overview

Little Wohelo is for girls ages 6-12 and Sebago Wohelo is for girls 12-16 with the 16 year old summer as an invitational Counselor-In-Training summer.  Our programs and facilities are completely independent and separated by about 1/2 mile.  Both camps are waterfront on one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Little Wohelo has more gentle grassy terrain such as their large playground as well as a huge sandy beach for swimming and boating.  Sebago Wohelo is more wooded and has a spectacular rocky shoreline.

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Right Age Group afh_9155

Little Wohelo and Sebago Wohelo are two entirely separate camps a half mile apart, and each camp is developed with a view towards meeting the interests and needs of its own age group.  There are close, sisterly relations between the camps, and Little Wohelo girls all have “summer sisters” at Sebago Wohelo, many of whom are actually sisters.  This makes the frequent meetings of the two camps among the most enjoyable experiences of the summer.




afh_9796Little Wohelo Program

Little Wohelo has scheduled activities for about 80% of the day and 20% free activity time.  Campers are in groups by their skill levels and what award they are working for.  Each week the groups will alternate between preparing a drama, dance or puppet show performance for the Saturday Frog’s Frolic.   The partially scheduled day is wonderful for giving the campers an introduction to all the activities.


Little Wohelo Equipmentimg_2169

The equipment at Little Wohelo is sized accordingly for this age group allowing the campers to improve their skills quickly and efficiently.

Little Wohelo has a large sandy beach as well as a large playground area outside of the dining hall.



img_2219                                    img_1843

Little Wohelo emphasizes the importance of Thoughtfulness, Cooperation and Enthusiasm

img_2100                                   img_2462

…and making friends.

afh_5285Sebago Wohelo

is for girls ages 12-16.  The activities are free choice every day.  Most activities have specific scheduled class times so once a camper has decided to work on a specific activity they will continue to go to that class whenever possible.  Activities like silversmithing, pottery and swimming for miles can be done whenever activities are open and a camper feels like it.  If it is a rainy day more people will work on their craft projects,  if it’s calm there will be more waterskiers, windy – Sailors.  Wake up and decide what the day will bring.

Most campers come up with a schedule to turn into the office by the first or second week.  Staff check in with the campers to be sure they are getting the most out of the summer.

afh_5649Some of the scheduled activity options

(times may vary)
Dance Class – 9-11am
Tennis Classes – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Swimming and Canoeing Classes all Day
Sailing and Windsurfing Classes in the morning
Advanced Sailing (Ables) – 3:00-4:30pm
Sail Racing Practice 4:30 – 6:00pm
Drama 4:30-6:00pm

Some of the walk-in or morning sign-up activities

Skills can be learned and developed to quite a high level with the programs at Sebago Wohelo.
afh_1409                         img_0961mvw



afh_7823Which Camp should I choose for my 12 year old?
If you are thinking about this decision we hope you have contacted us already.  Websites are great for giving out some information but we are still big fans of personal contact with camp families.  If you have any questions about your daughter’s summer at Camp Wohelo, we hope you will give us a call.
(207) 655-4739

That said  – Girls finishing 7th grade may be happier at Sebago Wohelo while girls finishing 5th grade usually fit best at Little Wohelo.

First time 12 year old campers do very well at Little Wohelo for one summer to get the feel of camp. The program allows them to get their feet wet in all the activities and be one of the older campers rather than the youngest. 


At both camps you will have 3rd and 4th generation camp directors.
Little Wohelo – Heidi (Van Winkle) Gorton – Director
Sebago Wohelo – Mark and Quincy Van Winkle – Directors
Molly Vianney – Assistant Director
Davis and Louise Van Winkle – Directors Emeritus

Both camps come together for Sunday Morning Sivad music and singing.



A full seven weeks provides the best Wohelo experience.  During the first several weeks, campers are settling into camp life, getting to know the schedule and one another, and just beginning to learn new skills in activities. Then the real learning begins: learning how to work with your cabin mates to keep your cabin clean or plan a surprise for your counselor, learning how to paddle a canoe with a friend by listening to one another, learning how thoughtfulness builds as relationships deepen throughout the summer. Half session campers are just starting to get into this amazing groove of living and working together as a team in a thoughtful and cooperative way when it’s time for them to depart.  The learning that is so unique to our camping experience happens to a much higher degree for the girls who are with us for full session. The lifelong friendships that are formed in the full session are built upon this commitment to living and working together for seven weeks.