Wilma, one of our two new Nigerian Dairy Goats,  is very excited as she is calendar girl this month.  Above photo was taken when she was just a few weeks old, before we got her.
She and Dottie are from Sunflower Farms nearby,  they do a wonderful job with their goats including a live feed camera that is especially exciting at kidding time!  Starting April 1st.  http://www.sunflowerfarm.info/sunflowerfarmlivefeed
Here is Wilma last week.

Rick is way more important than the goats (but Wilma as a baby was too cute not to lead with:)   He is working mostly alone these days using New England ingenuity, (and a backhoe and chains).  Below is a stand he made for the very heavy forks we use to take the H-Dock in and out.   Clever re-use of sections of trees we have been cutting this fall.

A thin yearbook this year.  First time not a hardback since 1938.  We look forward to having Little Wohelo and Timanous back in there!
We are planning on running the full session program only at both camps next summer. June 24th-August 12th.  Whatever the situation is with COVID we feel that one group for the whole summer is both a healthy environment as well as the ideal situation for learning skills and making friends, two of the most important things at camp!
We are so pleased to already have 67 campers at Little Wohelo and 86 campers,  16 TG’s at Sebago Wohelo!

Back to important people at camp, here is Debbie modeling one of our masks.  In the foreground are some items from the Camp Store.  https://wohelo.com/selling/camp-store/

As the website states you should contact us directly to confirm prices, availability and postage on all items.   Photo above shows a few we definitely have in stock.
NEW Shopping Bag – $3
Small Sea Bag – $35
Socks – $10 sm/med and med/large
Buff – New Price $7 (we ordered some when we thought they would help as masks:)
Jibbitz – $2.50 “the things for your Crocs”
Masks- $3
Adult Pajamas/Loungers – med and large – $20
Also glassware, cards, cribbage boards, stickers……

Even some baby stuff.  3-6 Month onesie modeled by Louisa Polos Condon’s  daughter Lulu.   Bibs and 12-18 month onsies too.

A calm warm November generally.  We are ready for some snow!

Sunset November 7th above and 12th below.