We had wonderful colors this past month.

Our apple crop was very successful this year.   Quincy above picking one of the last crops.  Our oldest tree was planted by Halsey Gulick when he was a teenager, 1915.  The three shown here were planted by Davis in the early 70’s.   We just planted three new apple trees last summer as well as two peach trees.

We were so lucky to have Jorie drop off and pick up her cider press so we could utilize all of our crop!

Last summer we bought a beautiful party tent for the Sebago Wohelo arena for social distant eating and meeting.   Unfortunately it collapsed within a week in the biggest (and one of the only) rain storms all summer.  We don’t think we even got a photo of it!   We decided to build a more permanent solution.  The walls for the original party tent will fit on this if needed.  It is currently being referred to as “The Pavillion“,  be sure to pronounce that in bold.   Note – “The Gazebo” is nearby in Sebago Wohelo circle.

This was the most exciting thing that happened this Halloween at Wohelo.  Goat eats Pumpkin.