We are busy preparing for this summer as June arrives.  Our current plan is to run a full session only program at Sebago Wohelo with reduced number of campers.    We will be running Little Wohelo as a support camp for extra staff,  staff days off (since they can’t leave), health care and isolation cabins.  While it won’t be a normal summer, we do look forward to persevering with a wonderful group of Wohelo girls.


Heidi speaking to the closing of Little Wohelo

Molly Henahan Vianney with a Sunday Service from this spring

Virtual Council Fire from this past month

Three trees we cut down this May.  Everything went as planned.

Our success this summer will depend on lots of hard work, as it already has as we spend countless hours figuring out what is possible.
The support of all the Wohelo families has been astounding.  Recently we give thanks to the fairies that magically cleaned up the branches from the trees we felled over Memorial Day and to Rob Tod, below, who teamed up with his daughters to clean the Sebago Wohelo kitchen and it looks AMAZING.

These girls will be joining us this summer at Sebago Wohelo.  They will be ready to come to camp mid-July.  Hopefully as we are successfully coming out of a  two week isolation and we all can play with them!

Somehow we went this whole month without taking a sunset photo?
Pulling this one from last year makes us think, are they 6 feet apart?