A snowy March morning at Wohelo.   Rookies Island keeping safe distance from the Blueberries.   All three islands are hoping to have lots of Wohelo visitors this summer.   We are continuing with our summer plans as we watch the crazy times.   At this point we plan on running camp normally, using good judgment and following applicable advisements.  We hope we will be checking you all in at the health center in 3 months! 

Lexi Doolittle (LexiDoodlesArt.com) has been hard at work with Wohelo logos for the Wohelobration and more.  Everyone who is registered for the event will be receiving a sticker with an upcoming mailing.  So sign up now!!  https://wohelo.com/wohelobration-2020/

Another Wohelo artist, Sharon Glick, just made us this great comic for the very first Sivad Sentinel Camper Newsletter.  See the first edition HERE – just mailed last week.  Write  a camp friend:)

and here is the new houseboat mentioned in the newsletter.  The top is still in some designing stages, but you can see it is significantly larger and with lots of window.  We hope to comfortably sleep Little Wohelo groups of 8 or more.  We will keep you updated, but if you are interested you can learn about the last 100 years of history of our houseboat here – https://wohelo.com/home/houseboat/

A new addition to Wohelo this spring are some Virtual Wohelo experiences.

Virtual Frog’s Frolic on Facebook – Heidi and her family put on a wonderful Frog’s Frolic on a March Saturday night.  You can still view it here – https://www.facebook.com/wohelocamps/videos/2807970162651154/

Virtual Tour of Little Wohelo in March – Tonight!! April 1st will be a live showing of some camp footage on Facebook.  We hope to see you there!  (and it will be archived so if you missed it, go visit.) https://www.facebook.com/wohelocamps/

Isolation Cookie Challenge – Remember this Minute to Win It challenge?  Put your cookie of choice (Mom, I need a box of Oreos for a project…;)  on your forehead and try to get it to your mouth without using your hands.  Get a video (you must be wearing a camp shirt) and post to Instagram #wocookiechallenge  We will pick a winner who will get a prize.   https://www.instagram.com/wohelocamp/

Mark, Quincy, Ellie and Fritz  are isolated at Wohelo.  This was the first canoe of the year.
Debbie is in isolation in Florida with her husband (she planned ahead:)  and Rick currently staying at home. 

March 2020 Sunset