January is our month to visit camp families for our Slide Shows,  a term that seems to be losing some meaning, next year we may bring our slide projector so people see what it looks like:)   Whatever medium we show our photos on it is the people and the stories that are always  the highlights of these events.   For example the photo above that was shared with us.    This is a current camper who visited Migis every Fourth of July with her alum mom and family until she was old enough to be at camp herself.  This photo from the Migis staff pretty much sums up our song “When I was a Little Girl”.

Below was our Greenwich event, one of our biggest.  Thanks to all of the wonderful hosts!

Summer 2020 Update – we are pretty much filled for all sessions for the coming summer.  Please contact the office with availability questions.   We will be mailing out our Parent folder by mid-March.  We also will post forms and information at your Camp InTouch account as they are ready.

Staff 2020 Update – we are not filled for staff for this summer:)
Maybe you or someone you know wants to make a Wohelo Girls summer more awesome!
Jennie and Heidi would love to hear from you.   Application and information at the Staff tab above.

Wohelobration Update – over 60 people signed up already!
More information at the Wohelobration Page

Everyone who is signed up should also be getting semi-monthly group e-mails.  Next one will be sent before February 15th.  Photo below from the 2006 – 100th Reunion Photo Album

Real Estate Update – a cottage near Migis Lodge – https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/me/raymond/36-murch-landing-rd/pid_32131449/

Ice Update – we had ice out to Rookies Island for a week or so until the wind broke it up all the way to shore.  It just lightly refroze as of February 1st.   Some photos from the past month below.