Wohelo Christmas Cards from 1934, 1968 and 1976.   All true for 2019!

Wohelo Bird Newsletter Mailed last month
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Some sessions filled for this summer.  Looking for Staff

We have a good stack of registrants for the upcoming reunion weekend and enrollment for the coming summer is also very strong.  We are currently filled for first session at Sebago Wohelo and most other sessions are close to filling.  We now move to making sure we have the best staff possible.  Could you or someone you know reap the benefits of a summer at camp?

Here are some of those benefits  – http://www.acanewengland.org/latest-news/college-kids-need-camp-10-ways-being-a-camp-counselor-prepares-young-adults-for-success-in-life?

and a few photos of our off-season staff….

First some of the professional raking group that comes every November to keep camp looking beautiful.

and below our Director of Metalworking at Sebago Wohelo this past summer, Emma Silver (yep that’s her name).  After camp she worked at Migis Lodge and helped us out with some projects this fall.

Also a painter she made this thank you gift for our good friends at Allagash Brewing.  They support Wohelo in many ways including a Maine camper scholarship donation and support in keeping Sebago Lake pristine, (the water they use for the beer).

Memories of Karine – https://wohelo.com/karine-ingersoll/

We are all still stunned by the quick passing of Karine Ingersoll who was at Wohelo for over 50 summers, including 2019.  We have started the above page of photos and some memories from social media but it is just a scratch.  We look forward to having some time to collect memories of her this summer during the Alumnae Reunion in September.   Donations can be made in her name with the remittance envelope included with the Wohelo Bird.

In lieu of a sunset photo, we have a poem written by one of those stalwart rakers shown above.