Above is sunset from one of the first days the lake was frozen over this February.
Below photo from the week before.
The last part of Sebago Lake to freeze is over 300 feet deep and about 2 miles west of our Rookies Island.

Rick has been making Blockhead Puppet blanks this month.  It is fun to go into the shop and hear them all singing “I’m a blockhead made of wood….”.

Speaking of camp songs, Heidi just put all the songs from our CD at the website –
The Little Camp Song Book with words and piano music is there too

Parent folders were sent last week.
All forms and information for this summer are on-line at your Camp Intouch account.
Like this cool interactive Uniform Catalog (it has sound)

Also planning for this summmer… do you have old colorful bed sheets you could donate?
The new rug loom is popular and uses torn strips of  cloth.

Thanks to all of you who donate items like old uniforms, costume items for drama, books for library, colorful sheets…….

Ten Rules for Health  posted by Migis Lodge on Facebook this past month.
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Three views of the sunset on February 4th

Sunset 2/23/19