We’ve had a snowy March, but April is starting off warm and we are dreaming of the summer.

We are mailing out the Parent Folders this week to 2018 Camper Families.   We have a wonderful group of campers at both camps for this summer!  We still have a couple spots left for full session at Little Wohelo.

We couldn’t be happier to hear that Timanous has chosen Garth Altenburg to be the new Timanous Camp Director starting in 2019.

An excellent choice to move into the next century.  https://www.timanousfoundation.org/

Garth is a good friend of all the Van Winkles and his father, Sherman Altenburg, worked at Wohelo for several years as the Water Skiing Director.   Below in 1963

We were sorry to lose two of our most loyal alumnae this past month.

Ann Evans Stanfill  past away this past week.   Ann’s mother, Kay Field Evans, started at Wohelo in 1919, her daughters Kim and Valerie were campers and counselors and her Granddaughter, Margie McMillan will be a Counselor again this summer, almost 100 years of history over four generations!

And Ajax passed away earlier this month.   Ajax Wohelo Memories Page

“Ajax” – Alice June Waterman Eastman 1933-2018

Below in 1941 and 2012  –