Bare ground still and only the occasional snow flake this whole winter.  The lake should be warm this summer.



Warm water will mesh well with our newest activity at Wohelo, Wake Surfing.   The “ZIP”, above,  our old Chris Craft,  moved into a museum last year and our replacement is a 23 foot wakesurfing boat (as yet to be named…..).  It is like waterskiing but the boat is going much slower and you surf on the wake of the boat.  You get up with a tow line and then throw it into the boat when you get going.   Here is camper Eliza Tod testing out the sport for us this past fall.    We anticipate some fun to be had this summer.
elizasurf-copy-2CAMP NEWS – Parent Folders and bills will be sent out his month.  We will need a doctor to sign the medical form for every camper again this summer, forms are now available at your Camp InTouch account.

SUMMER 2015 PHOTO ALBUM and CABIN BOOK  – Jennie and Heidi made photo albums and cabin books for last summer.  Many of you saw these during Heidi and Mark’s Gathering tour this winter.  Some of of you asked if they were for sale and that seemed like a great idea.  If you would like to see these albums or purchase them –  Here is a link to our shutterfly account  –

We are filling up for all sessions this summer (Second Session at Little Wohelo is FULL) and it is thanks to wonderful representatives like our Gathering Hosts this winter.   For those of you that know a family that might be interested we have some notes here to help explain how amazing the Wohelo experience is – Wohelo Recruiting Notes

Below photo of one of our beaded necklaces at the Museum.  Liz Lewis took wonderful photos of most of the museum items in camp this past fall.  Check them out at –


While you are  in the historic mode – it is always fun to look at some of these old scanned photo albums.  We also have  journals and scrapbooks that Ellen Edershiem has been scanning.

Some February Sunsets over Sebago