It has been a spectacular fall in Maine.  Snow already fallen on Mount Washington.


We are sorry to say  that our oldest Alum,  Hop Littell, whose 100 Birthday was announced last year in our newsletter, passed away this August.  She was a wonderful part of Wohelo for many years.

From her Eulogy –

For thirty summers she served at Camp Wohelo on Sebago Lake in Maine. At Wohelo she was known as Peggity Hop Gazelle Littell, and even had a song created for her. She taught dance, participated in all the activities and earned all the honors possible at the camp. She was loved my the campers and made many lifelong friendships. These friendships actually had a great deal of influence on how Margy ended up in North Carolina.


Mark and Anne have been busy working with our newest activity at Sebago Wohelo,  Glass Bead making or Lampwork.  We purchased a complete studio from a local college at the end of the summer.  We see fun combinations with Weaving and Silver …….


Yes, lots of Sunsets