Kate Margolese went out to Rookies Island after a recent thunderstorm and got this great shot of Wohelo under a rainbow, it starts at the Sebago Wohelo Saill Cove and goes to Little Wohelo Beach


Busy passing awards and enjoying the activities


Fourteen 5 year necklaces were awarded last Council Fire.


Grand Council Fire is this next Tuesday, August 11th at 7pm. End of Camp Schedule Below

Another Wohelo adventure this week hiking Old Speck Mountain and spending the night at our new Bethel camping spot.

And LOTS of beautiful sunsets this past week.



Monday, August 10

5 PM S​ebago ​W​ohelo​ Dance Performance

5:30 PM Dinner at Sebago Wohelo for Little Wohelo and Sebago Wohelo

6:30 PM S​ebago​ W​ohelo​ Drama Musical:  The Lion King

Tuesday, August 11

9:30 AM Watersports Day:Thrones on Arena

Tow** Viewing areas are best near Haeremai and Lewa rocks

All-Wohelo Salute the Dock

Unit Crew Demonstrations

1 PM Lunch:  If you are taking your daughter out for lunch, please have them back by 3PM for SW swim races and LW special activities.

2 PM Rest

3:30 PM SW swim races in the sail cove


6:00 PM Dinner:  served to SW families attending Grand Council Fire

7:00 PM Sebago Wohelo Grand Council Fire

​Little Wohelo Camper Only Candlelight Ceremony​

Wednesday, August 12

10- 2 PM SW Banquet-  campers only – LW pack and performance practices

2-3 PM Rest

3:30 Little Wohelo Drama, Dance, and Puppet ​Performances

4:30 PM ​Little Wohelo Final Frog’s Frolic​

6:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Evening Festivities with campers only

Thursday, August 14

7:45 AM Breakfast

All campers should be picked up before 10 AM