Spruce Up Weekend was the week before Memorial Day this year.  The die-hard crew that showed up did an incredible amount of work in the time we had.  So much fun to get camp opened up with this wonderful group.  THANK YOU! Spruce-Up-2015dr One of the big jobs was cutting down the dying Maple tree in front of Blue Heron.  Mark with the stump below. This whole area is getting a facelift with a Gaga pit and a newly leveled dance area. mark-wiuth-stumpdr   Our Frog’s Frolic Frog was watching the tree fall from a safe distance, but the movement and excitement caused her ancient mushroom to split in two.   Luckily we have a new kiln (and a new kickwheel) at Sebago Wohelo so we were able to repair it in full color. She is much happier than she looks about it.  (Frogs are notoriously straightfaced.) IMG_3120 All this clean up was perfect timing for a Memorial Day Wedding. Luke and Christina met here at Wohelo when they were students the New England Literature Program, NELP.   Her engagement ring has the GPS coordinates of Lewa Dock on it!  They did a wonderful job with their wedding and Wohelo was happy to be a part of it.  Lots of great photos here  –  http://emilydelamater.com/christina-luke-camp-wohelo/ DS2A0792

The 2015 Wohelo Bird  (only one a year now so no Spring designation needed)  is in the mail this week.  There is a digital copy of it at your Camp InTouch account if you are an Alumnae or Camper.

As you’ll see in the Wohelo Bird Newsletter we printed a deck of Wohelo playing cards this winter.  Every card has a different image related to Wohelo.  The Joker below with Davis and Louise seemed like a good example card to post as they had their 50th Wedding Anniversary two days ago!    Of course you can purchase these cards at the Camp Store – $3 each deck – $5 including shipping. momndad

A few great videos about the benefits of unplugging from technology.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rI3olRHxP4  — Camps are more important now than they ever have been – we are tech crazed now, people are losing the social skills they need for our society, camp can teach these skills (this sounds so humdrum), Camp is Boot Camp for social skills.

Camping magazine article –    Cultivating Camps Tech Free Traditions http://www.acacamps.org/campmag/1409/cultivating-camps-tech-free-traditions-digital-age Camp today may be the only place in children’s lives where they are free to experience themselves fully present and engaged in activities and in moments where technology is utterly irrelevant